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Sam has always been very passionate about anything two wheeled, especially off-road motorcycles.

In recent years he has remained focused on his first discipline: Trials Competition, competing with much success in the A grade.

The skills, techniques and his personal ability in Trials made it easy for him to transition into the Hard Enduro Scene which lead to competition riding in numerous events up and down the east coast of Australia.

Trials riding for Sam is the core foundation of his riding ability. It is a tough and precise discipline that demands a lot of balance and advanced control which taught him all the skills and techniques needed for the fast and technical terrain he rides in Hard Enduro currently.


Sam started competing in Hard Enduro at the end of 2018. This was a huge eye opener for Sam; being thrown in the deep end with other well know riders including some of the worlds best Hard Enduro riders at the 2018 Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro was mind blowing, ….and the future!

After the 2018 event, Sam was picked up by Beta Australia the following year. At this point he realised his riding ability and recognition was leading him to greater things and the sponsorship would be the next big step in his riding career.

Sure enough, shortly afterwards he was offered a sponsorship deal from Sherco Australia for 2020. He took this with open arms and is currently riding for them in the 2020 Grassroots Next Level Rider Program. The Grassroots Program has helped him take yet another big step in his riding career and it is pushing him in the right direction to continue on his path to a full time career as a professional rider.

So what riding has Sam got planned for


Sam plans to compete in some of the WESS series (World Enduro Super Series: in Europe within the near future. Erzberg being number 1 on his list and Redbull Sea to Sky ( being second, and also the Uncle Hard Enduro ( in Indonesia.

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